How to participate in CELO Whirlpool on Orca

2 min 08.06.2022

How to participate in CELO Whirlpool on Orca

2 min 08.06.2022

Please consult our corresponding guide to learn how to bridge CELO from Celo to Solana. 

1. Visit Whirlpools page:
Connect your Solana wallet.

Hint: you may quickly find the pool by typing in “CELO” in the search bar.

3. Select deposit and proceed to price range selection.
4. You will be presented with the different Price ranges:
     – Active (higher yields and divergence loss)
     – Passive (lower yields and divergence loss)
     – Custom (custom liquidity range)

You may find more information about the price ranges from Orca’s documentation.

5. For the purposes of this guide, we selected the Passive price range, but you may choose your preferred option.

6. Select the deposit amount and click preview.

7. Confirm the deposit amount and approve the transaction.

8. Congratulations, you are now participating in the CELO Whirlpool! A custom Whirlpool NFT has been generated, which is transferable to another wallet. Burning or selling it, however, results in losing your liquidity position.

How to withdraw the tokens from CELO Whirlpool?

1. Visit your Portfolio:

2. Expand the list to proceed with Withdrawing.

3. Confirm the Withdrawal amount and approve the transaction.

4. If your entire liquidity is withdrawn, you may choose to burn the NFT or leave it in your wallet.

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